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Route62 transports goods both in Serbia and internationally

Van transport Route62 Novi Sad – Route62 transports goods both in Serbia and internationally. Transportation services can be paid through the bank account. Transport of goods to the desired destination is done by a van that has all the driving and technical characteristics that meet the highest standards. That is best shown in its dimensions, or, in other words, the capacity of the cargo space. (Lenght 4.2m, Height 2.1m and Width 2m), that is, the cargo space capacity of 8 euro pallets or a load capacity of 1250kg.

Free price assessment

We offer a completely FREE assessment of the price of the move and give you tips and advice on how to prepare for the move and the transportation of your goods, all you need to do is contact us. The price of the moving and transportation of goods depends on the number of goods, and the length of the road between point A and point B, etc. The prices are as low as 2000dinara. Since there are numerous factors that affect the price of our services, we recommend that you contact us via email or by phone +381646767479, and we will respond as soon as possible. Our van transportation services are available at the most affordable prices for both individuals and companies on the territory of Novi Sad, the territory of Serbia, and within international transport.

  • Transportation and moves by van in Serbia and abroad
  • Moves from Novi Sad, or to Novi Sad
  • Moving heavy objects
  • Transport of valuables
  • Transportation of furniture and white goods
  • Transportation is done by the principle “door to door” (You choose the pick up location as well as the final destination)


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  • Revera Design doo Novi Sad (Transportation of CNC machine for Science Technology Park Belgrade (STP))
  • Crédit Agricole Serbia ad Novi Sad (Transportation of office furniture Crédit Agricole Serbia)
  • Individual customer (Moving Novi Sad (Serbia) - Osijek (Croatia))
  • Potisje Ada (Machine transport - Karcher Special)
  • Individual customer (Moving Zabalj - Kosjeric)
  • Individual customer (Moving Zwetendorf (Austria) - Becej (Serbia))
  • SERBIA ZIJIN BOR COPPER DOO BOR (Transportation of industrial tools)
  • Individual customer (Moving Mosorin - Sajkas)
  • Zelena apoteka Davidovac (Transport of preparations and packaging)
  • Crédit Agricole Srbija ad Novi Sad (Transportation of documentation Crédit Agricole Serbia)
  • AVA Information Systems d.o.o. Novi Sad (Transportation of office equipment)
  • Individual customer (Moving Novi Sad-Sirig)
  • Individual customer (Moving Veternik-Novi Sad)
  • Individual customer (Transportation Novi Sad - Banja Badanja)
  • Individual customer (Moving - Novi Sad)
  • Garni Hotel Gymnas (Transportation of furniture)
  • Danube Insurance Company (Moving a branch of the Danube Insurance Company)
  • Individual customer (Transportation of gym equipment)
  • Individual customer (Transportation of furniture)
  • Individual customer (Moving Belgrade - Novi Sad)